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FabFempreneur Fest

21 Dec 2018

written by Cindy Matalucci

Sara Clark-Williams, M.A.
Founder & CEO, Fab Fempreneurs

The Pulse was honored to be a sponsor and cover the first annual FabFempreneur Fest 2018!

Fempreneur Fest is where business conference meets retreat. It was a 2.5 day conference that supports you to focus, grow, and recharge. Fempreneur Fest is designed for women entrepreneurs who are working hard to grow their business while loving what they do.

However, while they are busy getting so much done in their business, there is something missing: they are ready to reach their goals, make more money, make a bigger difference, and have LESS STRESS and MORE FUN!

Topics included, business building strategies, get it done challenges, mastermind sessions and more! Oh, and the first day ended with an amazing YOGA session!!!

There were various speakers who brought some amazing topics to the table.

The event was held at the the California Center for the Arts in Escondido.

Sara Clark-Williams, founder of Fab Fempreneurs was inspired to help female entrepreneurs due to her own experience starting her business, Launch Your Life, back in 2008.

She left her corporate job and had a passion for helping other women take that leap so she started coaching them!

The overall mission of Fab Fempreneurs is to SIMPLIFY the process of growing your business so you can experience the FIVE F’s:

FULFILLMENT: You LOVE the work you do and feel the highest level of fulfillment possible from doing it. You believe in the IMPACT you’re making.

FINANCIAL SUCCESS: You have solid financial goals and are getting the money you need and want from serving the world through your business. You are clear on YOUR OWN definition of success and know that finances are important, and just one part.

FOCUS: You have a CLEAR direction and know WHAT to focus on to move you forward. No more feeling scattered and uncertain…that’s exhausting.

FREEDOM: Do MORE of the work you LOVE, work with WHOM you want, do WHAT you want- WHEN you want, and have MORE CHOICES. Hey, who doesn’t want to work from anywhere, and NOT ask permission to take a day off? Um, we love that.

FUN: If you’re not having fun as an entreprenur, doing what you love, then what’s the point? Yes there are hard days, and HARD WORK to launch, grow, and sustain a healthy, successful, and thriving business. We believe that ultimately, it should also be fun.

SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2019

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