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Mother’s Day

04 May 2021

written by Cindy Matalucci

Live Show April 30th

Sponsored by Flax4life and Coffee Ambassador:

We welcome back the ladies of Chic Execs PR:

We are talking all things Baby shower and Mother’s Day! All the items you need to have!

Products Spotlighted:

The Boppy:

Boppy® Feeding & Infant Support PillowGives mom’s arms and back a break while breastfeeding and bottle feeding by lifting baby to a more ergonomic position.

Versatile design grows with baby through the first year, starting with propping and tummy time all the way to sittingRemovable slipcovers are machine washable:
Retails for $40

Boppy® ComfyChic® Baby CarrierThe Boppy® ComfyChic® Baby Carrier has elegantly designed details such as vegan-leather trims, luxury accents and yoga-inspired fabric that fits your style

Adaptable seat width, achieved through wrapping techniques, allow for 4 ergonomic carrying positions: newborn front face-in, front face-in, front face-out and side-hip carrying from 8-35 lbs.
Retails for $75

Chic Diaper Bags you need!


Stylish, modern diaper bags and changing pads!

The gorgeous collection pays homage to Parisian fashion houses with an airy elegance and minimalistic styles offering full-grain and vegan leather options that can weather all necessities.

The upgrade you deserve!
On Sale: $123.96

Hi Aria

Moms deserve a chic, compact, functional diaper bag that compliments their personal style and makes life on-the-go easier. A great choice is, hi,aria, who is redefining “mom-style” one diaper bag at a time.

Say hello (literally) to hi,aria! The creator of bags and accessories intentionally designed for every stage of womanhood.

Founded by a young mom, hi,aria stems from the desire to stop fussing and fumbling with a massive diaper bag. She and her husband decided to name the company after their daughter, Aria Giselle. She was pregnant with her while creating this brand, so the ‘hi’ is there to be a sense of welcoming her into this beautiful life

Maia in pebble: $149.00

Breast Pumps:

Rumble Tuff – (breast pump)

Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most loving, and at times difficult, things a new mom experiences. Rumble Tuff supports breastfeeding moms with its high-quality breast pumps that help them along their journey.

When selecting a pump either through an insurance company or directly on your own, Rumble Tuff is here to make that process smooth and efficient. All pumps operate on a closed pumping system, meaning that with proper cleaning, there’s no mold or bacteria growth and no contamination to your liquid gold!⁠

With different expression phases, the pump adjusts as the baby grows and breastfeeds at different speeds.



Brand new award-winning Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle (9 oz.) provides the ultimate feeding experience for you and your little one. The ultra-soft, breast-like silicone makes it easier than ever for baby to transition between breast and bottle.

This is the perfect addition to your baby registry and makes a great baby shower gift. It is available in 4 vibrant colors: Gray, White, Teal, and Pink.
3 pack – $24.99

Joolz: Stroller

Looking for an eco-concious luxury stroller brand, well, look no further as Joolz is a must-have stroller for new mamas and makes for a very thoughtful gift.


Joolz is the stroller brand with the vision of positive design and is parent approved, award-winning brand that is recognized across the globe for superior safety, functionality and style.

The brand currently makes four models of strollers with unique features to fit different lifestyles.

Eco-friendly aspects include:
1.) Positive fabrics – Up to 120 plastic bottles from the ocean used per stroller
2.) Birth forest – One tree planted for every stroller purchased
3.) Reusable packaging
4.) Sustainable Offices

$399.00 Available at: Amazon, Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby.

Baby Delight: Snuggle Nest

The Snuggle Nest is the A-List celebrity Choice in baby essentials! At Baby Delight, they believe in bringing parents closer to their families as they experience all of the bumps in the road along the way.

Baby Delight’s bassinets, crib, and in-bed sleepers are comfortable and safe for your little ones to rest in with soft mattresses and breathable mesh walls.

Their “Go With Me” line was designed to give your little one a place to lounge, nap, snack, and play!

Baby Delight’s Snuggle Nest was awarded the IParenting Media award and the Hot Product Award, Mom’s Choice Award, as well as the National Parenting Center award. Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Christina Milian, Jessica Simpson, all have used Baby Delight products for their littlest ones!
Organic: $79.99

Sophie The Giraffe: Bath Toys!

The So’pure® collection offers products made from 100% organic cotton, corn fiber, 100% natural rubber and bioplastic.
Those products are presented in attractive gift boxes made using recyclable materials.

Additonal information about So’Pure Sophie Bath Toy- Ideal to have fun with during bath-time!

Healthy, it is made of 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree’s sap and alimentary painting.

With its soft texture, Babies will be able to have fun chewing the many parts (ears, horns…) of this floating toy with the image of Sophie la girafe.

Hygienic, the water cannot get inside the toy so it avoids bacteria and mold.

With its rubber ring form, it is easy to grip for small hands.

So’ Pure: $20.00

Nesting Days – (baby carrier)

The ultimate mother-baby bonding experience. An innovative, skin-to-skin newborn baby carrier and postpartum body shaper made by Julie Arvan.

Just step In…Pull up…Pop baby in & Tie!

The carrier has the sleek and comfortable feel of a baby wrap but uses a patented ‘wing’ design that is much easier to put on. It is designed to be easy to put on and take off without the need for complicated wrapping instructions, straps, belts, or buckles.

Apparel for Moms and Babies:

Kyte Baby:

Unlike other baby apparel, Kyte BABY has the softest baby and adult pajamas that are economically sourced out of bamboo!

Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, while also being hypoallergenic.

The fabric itself also promotes the smart use of resources and sustainability. Bamboo is the best choice for your baby and for the planet’s future, and this way of thinking is evident in every aspect of Kyte BABY!

The founder’s daughter suffered from infant eczema and she needed comfortable clothing for her at night time for her sensitive, itchy skin. Bamboo’s buttery soft fabric was the best answer for her baby girl!

She invested and created Kyte BABY for all babies, and mommies too!
$33.00 Butterfly Print Footies

Pretty Plum Boutique:

Pretty Plum Boutique creates beautiful, unique, premium quality fabric clothing and accessories for your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers from unicorns, sunsets, to geometric designs you won’t find multiples of at Walmart or on Amazon! (And even matching outfits for mama too!)

The owner takes pride in sewing all her unique styles with her team of seamstresses and only chooses the best material to work with! All of their clothing is handmade in Canada.

Pretty Plum Boutique only sources and carries the best quality fabrics, which go through extensive testing to ensure quality after multiple washes, and durability for those little movers, and mamas chasing after their little ones.

Mom Getting Back into Shape- and Feeling Great/Wellness


Introducing the AGOGIE Resistance Pants. With resistance bands built inside, improving your health, fitness, and athletic performance is as simple as putting on pants.

AGOGIE forces your muscles to constantly work to keep the built-in resistance bands stretched out. With your muscles activated and ready to perform, you are challenged by a wearable resistance workout.

Life is hectic. Finding time to workout shouldn’t be.

With AGOGIE, now you can transform any activity into a resistance workout.

At work, in your home, or on the go.
Women’s $129.99

Elise Design Company: Earrings

Elise Design Company handcrafts creations made with intention and versatility that fit perfectly with our modern lifestyles.

The brand makes a subtle fashion statement that sparks just enough attention to not take away from your overall ensemble.

White and Gold Belle Studs are paired with mirrored gold detail and are gorgeous!

This white acrylic hexagon is a beautiful complement to all skin types that shows up well as a contrast to many hair colors.
White and Rose Gold: $15.00


Love Indus

Its power lies in the fusion of precious botanicals from the Indian subcontinent like golden Muga silk, proven synthetics such as Hyaluronic Acid, and copper-crusted silk cocoons that provide gentle yet effective exfoliation.

Best Seller:
The Amrutini® Collection is the ultimate celebration of skin strength and resilience. In ancient Indian mythology, amrut (nectar) promises immortality. In modern Manhattan, a well-made martini is the perfect concoction of exceptional ingredients. And, Amrutini® is a portmanteau of the two.

Overnight Oasis Luminosity Dewdrops (30ml): An elixir that works while you sleep, to restore skin radiance and health. $135.00

The Beeswax Co. -Candles

-100% Beeswax Candles

Each step in their hand-crafted process is designed to bring out the natural beauty and healthy burning properties of the 100% pure beeswax they get from Texas beekeepers.

What sets them apart from other candles?

– They burn longer than other kinds of candles and do not drip!
– They are naturally scented by nectar of flowers and honey packed into the honeycomb from which they are made.
-No articial colors or toxic fragrances.
-Hints of Texas wildflowers, prairie grasses, citrus, herbs, wild berry, and of course, honey.
Heidi Container Candle $27.95

Give Back Gifts and Fashion

Anchor of Hope – (Subscription Box Supporting Artisans)

Anchor of Hope is a monthly subscription club that delivers beautiful handmade items to your door, crafted by human trafficking survivors and refugees relocated to the United States.

You subscribe to receive the monthly box. Their artisans create beautiful products. The Anchor of Hope team packages the boxes by hand. You receive your box of quality products on your doorstop. Hope arises. Voila!

Each month your box will contain 3 quality, handmade items as well as an information card about the products and the artisans that made them.

Month to month: $36.00
12 month Prepay: $384.00

Koshie O

Born and raised in Ghana in west Africa, Nina’s aesthetics have African roots, but redefined for the international markets.

From a young age, Nina was exposed to elegance and fashion by her mother Goody who was an outstanding fashion designer of her time.

In Ninas own words “The KoshieO brand was designed in order to bring new life to everyday wear”.

Our luxury fabrics combined with a hint of vibrant ethnic-inspired symbolism give a custom feel to everyday fashion pieces required for the modern lifestyle”.

Nina creates timeless pieces by focusing on the simple but obvious details and craftsmanship of every collection, as well as drawing inspiration from her colorful background and heritage. Nina lives in Maryland with her husband and their children.

Men’s Graphic Dance Shirt $98.00 (Great for Father’s Day!)

Food & Beverage items!


Pretzelwiches are bite-size snacking delicacies made up of two square pretzels, a delicious fillings (Marshmallow, Fudgy brownie, Cookie dough, or crispy treat) and hand-dipped toppings with nuts, drizzles, sprinkles and more.

We love that they also offer gluten free options!

Each time they sell a box of Pretzelwich, they donate $1 to Candlelighters NYC, a charity organization that supports kids fighting cancer. They also put big smiles on their faces by giving away boxes of delicious Pretzelwich goodies.

Start at $26.99 and have limited editions available too!

Stella Wine – Wines

This semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Italian wine is made with real, all-natural fruit flavors.

It is naturally gluten-free and vegan, as well as low-calorie, and low-alcohol!

The newly released single-serving, ready-to-drink cans, available in 6 of the newest flavors including Blueberry, Watermelon, and Pineapple.

If you are looking to mix it up, try one of our popular Stella Rosa Cocktails! There are over 100+ amazing Stella Rosa cocktails available at

Watermelon Wine: $10.95

Lorraine’s Gluten Free

You won’t believe it’s gluten-free but yes it is GLUTEN-FREE ALL PURPOSE FLOUR

Imagine recreating your favorite family recipe, gluten-free. Perfect for baby shower treats for those with gluten-sensitivities. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!


white rice flour, non-gmo corn starch, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, xanthan gum

All Purpose Flour: $16.99

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